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File: the shelves

File: the shelves

In wood, metal or plastic, the shelves play the card of design and practicality to make us service on a daily basis. Where to buy them, how to place them and how to choose them, this article takes stock of the essential layout that are the shelves.

The shelves, essential in all rooms of the house

To store books in a bedroom, to arrange a dressing room, to organize beauty products in the bathroom or to display dishes in the kitchen, we always need shelves! To choose them well, match them with your other furniture or with the general decoration of the room. You can also choose basic shelves, in black or white wood, to reuse them as and when you need, in different rooms of your house. Properly placing its shelves is not very complicated. Start by defining the correct height for your shelf then draw a line in pencil to mark the place. Take the measurements of your brackets or of the fixing system and transfer the dimensions directly to the wall (always with a pencil to be able to erase in case of error). Using a drill, drill the holes on the noted traces, then drive in a dowel and secure with a screw of sufficient length.

Different materials: for what uses?

Wooden shelves: the most classic! In pine, oak or teak, we no longer present wooden shelves. They have the advantage of being able to easily match your furniture, if you choose the same essence, and to find a place in all the rooms of the house. The little extra: today there are shelves with integrated fixing without angle: the top for a neat and minimalist decoration. Metal shelves: the great price of robustness! Until now reserved for garages and storage spaces, metal shelves are now entering the decor of living rooms where they bring a vintage industrial touch that works wonders with raw materials. Their main advantage is the robustness of their material, but DIY enthusiasts will also appreciate being able to sand and repaint them at will! Plastic shelves: certainly, they are rarely the prettiest, but they are remarkably practical, especially in damp rooms such as bathrooms. With plastic, there is no risk of rust or swelling of the wood. Also, they are very simple to clean since a little touch of sponge or cloth is enough.

Where to buy your shelves?

There are many places to easily find shelves, in different styles and at all prices. Furniture stores, such as Ikea, Fly or But offer many types of shelves, from the most designer to the most classic. Don't necessarily go for the first price, especially for storing books or heavy trinkets: poor quality wood tends to bend. DIY stores, like Castorama or Leroy Merlin, also offer many models. If you are a little handyman, you can also easily make your own shelves with the materials of your choice, a saw and brackets.