How to create a retro style in a teenage bedroom?

How to create a retro style in a teenage bedroom?

A wind of nostalgia blows on the decor! If your teen is a follower of vintage style, you can easily imagine a decor with retro accents for his room. All styles are possible, from American retro to vintage, romantic or pop styles. It's up to you to play with colors, furniture and accessories to complete the ambiance of your room.

The "american graffiti" style

Very colorful, American retro experienced its heyday in the 1950s. To go back to "rock'n'roll" in your teenager's bedroom, opt for the flagship colors of American retro (red, black, candy pinkā€¦) and the codes referring to that era. Display old vinyls on the walls, scatter a few cushions with pin-up prints on the bed (at "Bonjour mon cushion" for example) and create a unique Grease atmosphere thanks to the proliferation of "wink" accessories !

The romantic retro

The romantic retro will suit more blue-flowered teens, with its pastel colors, its furniture evoking the old era and its bucolic touch. Use and abuse antique furniture and second-hand items to create an authentic universe (wrought iron bed, desk and old cupboards, etc.). Choose a family linen bedding set and soft colors for the entire bedroom.

Retro pop

More modern, retro pop is suitable for dynamic and cheerful personalities. Your teen can have fun in the choice of colors: be careful not to choose them too aggressive for the walls, it is necessary that his room remains a soothing place! Many brands are republishing furniture, wallpapers and retro objects that were all the rage in the 60s and 70s. Make a wise choice with the help of your teenager, who will surely take pleasure in choosing a decoration that looks like him!