12 eco-design notebooks

12 eco-design notebooks

The notebooks are going to the green page. Made from recycled paper or natural materials, they bring a decorative touch near your phone, on the living room table or in the kitchen. For the whole house, discover our selection of eco-friendly notebooks and notebooks for the whole house and the whole family.


Write down your favorite recipes on small signed notebooks Queen Mother made from 100% recycled paper made in Haute-Garonne. Practical, they are equipped with a wooden pencil, managed sustainably of course!


"Mirror, my beautiful mirror. Tell me who is the most beautiful?". Keep your beauty secrets in very girly notebooks made from the brand's recycled paper Cocobohème .


Po Paris revives the legendary "bllok" notebooks of the Enver Hoxha regime. These small notebooks, symbols of the Albanian quest, are made from printing plates on the covers of old propaganda magazines, unearthed in the small workshop of a printer in the north of the country.

New York

On the site , find signed notebooks Andy Pratt , highlighting the big apple with Manhattan and its skyscrapers, the shady streets of Brooklyn or and Queens and its skytrain. Decorative notebooks in recycled paper with a soy ink print.


Find out at Nkuku vintage-style notebooks, handmade in the context of fair trade. This soft-touch notebook with a rustic finish is wrapped in vegetable leather and paper made from recycled cotton.