Fruit worms

Fruit worms

Fruit worm

From its real name "codling moth", the fruit worm is the little caterpillar of the codling moth that feeds mainly on fruit flesh. It is therefore mainly found on fruit trees.

Prevent fruit worm

There are several ways to prevent fruit worms. The first is to install pheromone traps in fruit trees to attract butterflies and thus limit fertilization. Another means of prevention, the installation of pieces of cardboard around the trunk will invite the larvae to shelter inside the cardboard rather than in the fruits.

Spot the fruit worm

There are two ways to identify the presence of fruit worms. The first is the appearance of small holes in the fruit, from which a kind of sawdust seems to come out. The second means will be the early fall of the affected fruit.

Treat fruit worm

If the preventive measures have not been sufficient to avoid having fruit worms, it is then possible to spray with bactospéïne, a biological and vegetable insecticide. Another means of treatment: destroy the affected fruits and bag the preserved fruits so that they can continue their development.