How to fight against the chafer?

How to fight against the chafer?

What are beetles?

The beetles are phytophagous beetles belonging to the family Scarabaeidae, which move at dusk and lay eggs in the ground. If the adults resemble large flying beetles, the larvae, which develop in early summer, are found in the ground and have the form of large yellowish worms. They should not be confused with larvae of cetonia, of a very similar form but of white color, and necessary for the manufacture of compost.

What danger do cockchairs represent?

Even if the adult beetle feeds on the sap of the leaves, it is its larva that is most to be feared. This devours the roots of plants, slowing their growth and even killing them.

Which plants are threatened by beetles?

All plants are threatened by these beetles, but the larvae have a preference for the roots of vegetable plants.

How to fight against chafer?

Larvae can often be removed manually when working the soil. You just have to put them aside: they will be eaten by moles, birds and other hedgehogs. In addition, the introduction into the soil of Beauveria brongniartii, a deadly beetle fungus, may be possible in the spring.