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The soil

The soil

To do what ?

Mix of different vegetable and mineral raw materials, the soil finds in gardening multiple applications. If it allows the roots to anchor well in the ground and breathe better, it also retains water strongly and provides the plant with the many organic elements it needs. It is mainly intended for planting as well as potting.

What type of soil to choose?

Today there is an extremely varied range of potting soil sold commercially (horticulture, for lawn, for vegetable garden or for potting ...), each one being intended for a particular type of culture. The universal potting soil is supposed to be able to meet all expectations but certain plants such as cacti, orchids or citrus fruits will look better if they are treated with potting soils adapted to their specificities.

When to use it?

You can use potting soil when repotting or when planting any plant, including roses. It is also excellent for maintaining lawns because it helps promote a green and vigorous regrowth. Again, "special turf" potting soils are sold in shops.

How to recognize good soil?

Difficult to judge the quality of a potting soil when it is still packed in its bag. The NF Terreau label, visible on the packaging, is supposed to guarantee the consumer a product that meets precise quality standards. If the color and appearance of the product generally provide little information, the soil should not be too wet or too dry. Its smell should be fresh and not foul-smelling.