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Maintain the soil

Maintain the soil

Why maintain the soil?

We do not choose the type of soil we have (rather clayey, sandy or limestone ...) but it is however possible to maintain it and adapt it to its type of culture by working with simple techniques and suitable products . Tedious for some, soil maintenance is essential if we want to have a land capable of accommodating our different cultures.

What do we begin with ?

Maintaining your soil is above all ensuring that organic matter is present in quantity both on the surface and more deeply, towards the roots. In the case of a crop, it is necessary to decompact the soil beforehand, that is to say turn the soil over to aerate it and soften it in order to facilitate the planting of the different plants. It is during plowing that you can enrich the soil with compost or with organic potting soil. It is also a good time to hand weed, as chemical weeding is less effective and can be harmful to some crops.

When to maintain the soil?

Plowing should not be systematic, but reserved for extreme cases and cultivation because this aggressive work suddenly disturbs the balance of the soil. Clay soil will be worked in the fall while light soil will be worked in the spring. Thereafter, maintenance can be carried out less aggressively by providing fertilizers that meet the needs of the garden. Compost remains your number one ally, but the planting of green fertilizers (white or purple clover, lupine, rapeseed, mustard, etc.) is also recommended because these plants greatly improve the soil surface. Their roots make the earth breathe and they prevent the appearance of weeds.