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The digging

The digging

Why dig the soil?

Digging is an essential step before sowing or planting. It aerates the soil, and therefore ensures the good recovery of plants. At the same time, digging helps to eliminate weeds, and to bury manure or compost in the soil.

What tool to use for digging?

The best recommended tool for digging is the flat spade, which allows good plowing. But depending on the quality of the soil, it will be necessary to adapt your equipment: if the soil is stony, prefer a spade fork. Finally, if you want to plow deeply, you will use a ladle.

When to dig?

The first rule to observe is to never dig frozen or snowy ground. Then, depending on the nature of your soil, choose a digging in the fall or early winter (for a clay soil) or according to your preferences (when the soil is light and sandy).

How to dig?

Open a trench at the end of the plot. Depending on the tool used, dig between 20 and 30 cm deep. Cut strips of soil, then turn them over in the gauge, working backwards. Bury the fertilizers at the bottom of the trench, then cover with soil.