Plant a bed

Plant a bed

What is a massif?

The expression "flower bed" is commonly used. This involves designating a set of plants planted on a plot.

Tips before planting

To succeed in your massif, it is better to respect certain rules. The first is to play with the heights by placing the tallest plants at the bottom of your property. It is also better not to align your flowers but to plant them in staggered rows. On the aesthetic side, you can vary the species but by favoring one that will set the tone for your bed. In addition, the bright flowers are planted rather at the bottom of the garden and the soft colors near the house.


If the bed to be planted is large and the species varied, it is desirable to make a planting plan or to place your plants on the ground in order to visualize the result. Once the choice is made, the soil must be prepared by removing the weeds, softening it and feeding it with a natural organic fertilizer. We plant first the imposing plants, then the borders of the ground and finally we complete its massif. We finish by watering generously. Find the flower seeds for flowerbeds in the shop!