What is a seedling?

Sowing is a technique that multiplies plants. For example, you sow one seed, you get ten plants. This method of cultivation is very widespread today because it allows you to increase your production of plants or vegetables at a reduced cost.

When and how to sow?

Know that most of the seeds are made between February and March, when nature awakens. Depending on the species, the seeds will be planted underground without protection (carrots, cabbage ...), in the ground but in a greenhouse (tomatoes) or in pots for the most fragile.

Sowing techniques

First, you have to prepare and soften the soil. Each type of plantation has its own seeding technique according to its characteristics: on the fly for the lawn; online for carrots, turnips; in pouches for highly productive vegetables such as beans, etc.

Seed maintenance

The seeds are lightly sprayed regularly. The lack or excess are to be avoided. In addition, the seedlings should not be too dense. If so, clear up the excess and transplant. Weeding is also useful.