Planting and care of climbing plants

Planting and care of climbing plants

How to choose your climbing plant and when to plant?

There are many varieties of climbing plants. Different criteria must be retained to make a choice: orientation, available area, desired aesthetic research, flowering period or foliage color, etc. Sold in containers, climbing plants can be planted all year round except during frost.

How to plant a climbing plant?

It is necessary to dig a hole next to the surface to which the plant must hang and then lighten the soil at the bottom. The size of your hole depends on that of your container. However, it must always be larger than the container. Then take the plant out and immerse the roots in water to hydrate them. To plant, the root ball should be placed slightly at an angle in the hole and then close the latter. For the plant to develop, it must be watered. Finally, to preserve humidity, straw or cut grass can be placed on the surface.

Caring for your climbing plant

Maintaining a climbing plant is very simple and not very restrictive. You just need to clean and cut it slightly in the fall. Find the seeds of climbing plants in the shop!