Psychedelic pattern in the house

Psychedelic pattern in the house

Approach the beautiful days with joy and dynamism. A true remedy for gloom, the psychedelic motif seduces with its original and repetitive geometric shapes. Against a background of flashy colors and unusual patterns, pop style invites itself into your interior for a "mind-blowing" decor.

Singular patterns for an original decoration

Illustration of pop culture, the psychedelic motif is making a comeback in decoration. It seduces with its original and singular character. Wallpapers, textiles, carpets, cushions are adorned with patterns inspired by nature and geometry. Floral, graphic or supernatural, the psychedelic motif is repeated endlessly in order to create a very seventies decor. These patterns are generally accompanied by invigorating and shimmering tones for a colorful style.

In total look or by touches

In total look, the omnipresence of the psychedelic motif in your interior will allow you to achieve a hallucinatory, delusional and whimsical universe. Opt for sassy shapes, accumulating on walls and textiles to offer another vision of your interior, more creative and more inspiring. By buttons, you can install a bedspread, curtains, a plaid or a carpet of pop inspiration in a sober and design decoration. This aesthetic detail will inject a dose of originality and color into the room for an invigorating universe.