Characteristics of the breadfruit

The breadfruit, Artocarpus altilis, is a fruit tree of the Moraceae family which has its origin in Oceania. Today, the breadfruit planet has spread since it is found in most tropical areas. Commonly called chestnut-country, this imposing tree can reach 20 meters high and its trunk one meter in diameter. In our latitudes, however, its height does not exceed twelve meters and its leaves thirty centimeters in length. The bread tree flower is small. This tree is particularly known for its fruit, the most used names of which are breadfruit, chestnut-country and Uru. It is eaten cooked over a wood fire, but also reduced to flour or even candied. The latex and bark of the breadfruit are used for medicinal purposes.

Breadfruit plantation

To plant a breadfruit, the soil must be deep enough and well drained. The exposure is a little tricky because if the young shoots prefer the shaded situations, the adult trees appreciate a sunny exposure. As the breadfruit tree does not tolerate temperatures below 15 ° C, it is in pots that it can be grown in temperate zones, so that it can be brought in in winter. But the best way to grow the breadfruit tree is layering.

Bread tree watering

It should be watered daily during the growing period, and never let the substrate dry. Note that if it can withstand the drought for three months a year, it will nevertheless lose its fruit for lack of watering if this situation continues. In all cases, patience is essential because it will take on average 6 years to obtain the first fruits. Fruiting lasts about fifty years.

Bread tree maintenance

The breadfruit has a reputation for "" growing by itself "". It is therefore enough to give it some care at the time of planting, to water it enough during the first two years and to protect it from frost until it is sufficiently hardy.

Breadfruit size

The size of the breadfruit is only useful for keeping fruit close at hand. A tree reduced to six meters allows easy cultivation. It suffices to poll the oldest branches at the end of the production period, making sure to keep the buds facing outwards which will give new branches.

Breadfruit problem and disease

The breadfruit tree suffers from excess rain in our latitudes and does not appreciate the strong and frequent winds that can cause it to die. However, it is not susceptible to diseases.

Breadfruit confusion

The breadfruit tree resembles jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), also of the Moraceae family, which grows in India. Likewise, the fruit of the jackfruit or jackfruit apple resembles strangely the uuru.