The oak, quercus in Latin, is a perennial tree with evergreen that belongs to the Fagaceae family. Oak is mainly found in the northern hemisphere. It is also found in Asia and the Americas, in tropical areas. Oak wood is the most common in France, and it is used in the carpentry and cabinetmaking trades. The lifespan of the tree is extremely long, between 500 and 3,000 years. French forests are largely populated with oaks, this robust and majestic species is the queen of forests. It is easily distinguished from other trees because the Oak Leaf is fine, elegant, with lobed edges and it changes color with each season. The Celts consider the oak as a sacred tree, its Celtic name also means "" tree par excellence "". The priests worshiped the tree, which earned them the nickname "" men of oak "".

Different species of oaks

Oak has over 550 species, so the main ones are palustris, ilex, rubra, pubescens and robur or sessile oak, the Holm oak, the pedunculate oak, the red oak. On the Mediterranean rim, there are many cork oaks exploited for their bark.

Planting, growing and caring for oak

The oak cultivation is fairly easy, since you harvest the acorns when they are ripe to plant them immediately afterwards, or to stratify them. The acorn of the oak is carried by a peduncle. In spring, germinated seeds must be transplanted. To prevent the worms from attacking the acorns, before sowing, bathe them in very hot water for half an hour. Do not forget to sow several acorns, because not all of them germinate. Planting or repotting takes place during the fall period.

Uses of Oak

The forest oak provides food for many animals such as squirrels, bears, deer, wild turkeys and wild boars among other inhabitants of the forest. Oak is also widely used for its wood appreciated for its robustness and resistance since the Middle Ages. The bark of the cork oak is also used to make corks in particular. The oak bark, rich in tan, is widely used in tanning. Finally, its acorns can be ground and made into flour.