Chives, or allium schoenoprasum in Latin, is also known as chive or tuberous garlic. Chives are a bulbous plant from the family of alliaceae which did not spread in Europe until the 16th century thanks to Marco Polo. Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean region, chives were introduced to North America by the settlers. It is the smallest plant in the onion family. It is very fragrant, and perfect as an accompaniment to salads and sauces. It also has an ornamental aspect in summer, during its flowering. Chives are grown only for their long green stems, or leaves, used as a condiment. Different varieties of chives Chives belong to the same family as onions. Among the chives subspecies are Allium schoenoprasum subsp. gredense, Allium schoenoprasum subsp. latiorifolium or Allium schoenoprasum subsp. schoenoprasum. The wild chives is widespread in the countryside. In China, there is a variety of chives called chives china which is used like the chives we know in France.

Growing and caring for chives

Chives are a plant that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, and can be cultivated in winter, as long as it has a lot of light. You will need to plant the chives in March, in pots or in plants, taking good care to space the plants 15 centimeters from each other, water them well and cut the tufts once a month. In terms of maintenance, this plant has few requirements, except to divide the clods in two similar parts during the summer, then to replant them. At that time, take the opportunity to fortify the earth, renewing it. Chives can be cultivated organically, it spreads very quickly thanks to its flowers which sow their seeds themselves thanks to the wind or foraging insects.

Harvest of chives

Chives are harvested between 3 and 5 months after being sown. When you harvest it, cut the grass a few inches from the ground. Its conservation in the refrigerator is ephemeral, barely three or four days. Chop it up and store it in the freezer instead to have chives from your vegetable garden all year round. Find the chive seeds in the shop!