Characteristics of digital

Foxglove (digitalis) is a flowering plant in the scrophulariaceae family. There are about twenty species, originating from Europe, North-West Africa and Asia. The origin of its name is Latin and means "" finger "", name certainly due to the shape of its flowers. Foxgloves are toxic plants from which digitalis used in homeopathy is used to treat heart conditions such as heart failure. Foxgloves have a flower spike up to a meter high, they carry many flowers in the shape of a trumpet or bell. The colors of the flowers are, depending on the species, white, pink or purple with darker spots on the inner part.

Digital culture

Although planting is somewhat delicate, growing digitalis is easy and encouraging for novice gardeners who see their efforts quickly rewarded with spectacular flowering from June to August. If you don't have a place sheltered from the wind to grow them, you can put stakes to support the large stems of these majestic flowers. The digitalis is planted in autumn if you bought them in a pot, in a soil rich in humus and well drained. For sowing in place, you can make them from May to September. The digital ones are large and it is recommended to place them behind a massif or in front of a hedge as you wish.

Digitalis watering

Two to three weekly waterings are very suitable for digitalis which is also able to withstand moderately dry soil. On the other hand, the different varieties of digitalis hate excess water.

Digital interview

If planting requires some special care,digital interview is limited to very little care, namely reasonable watering and regular cutting of wilted flowers. It is also not demanding in terms of brightness.

Digitalis size

Pruning the plant involves removing wilted flowers without cutting the stems.

Digitalis diseases

Digitalis is prone to diseases transmitted by microscopic fungi. These are fungal or cryptogamic diseases. Among them, there is blister, mildew, powdery mildew, moniliosis or rust. It can be useful to treat preventively in order to protect the digitalis just like the other plants in the garden.

Digitalis toxicity

As well do not forget that the toxic toxic has flowers and leaves which it is strongly advised to handle with gloves.