From the Latin "" mentha "", itself derived from the Greek "" mintha "" in reference to the nymph Minthé of Greek mythology, the mint is an aromatic plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, which includes almost 70 different species such as mint peppery. Cultivated all over the world, it is one of the aromatic plants that offer the most possibilities of use.

Mint plantation

For garden cultivation, planting the mint (Mentha) will be performed in spring on humus soil, and in a space conducive to alternating passages of shade and sun. It is also useful to provide that the mint is an invasive plant, and therefore to reserve an important space for it. To prevent it from spreading too much in the garden, you just have to define an area with the help, for example, of bamboo barriers sunk thirty centimeters deep. A culture mint in pots is sometimes preferable to avoid this inconvenience.

Picking mint

To be able to harvest the mint throughout spring and summer, care should be taken to pick the most developed leaves by removing the entire stem to encourage the birth of new shoots. Harvesting generally takes place in the morning, before the sun breaks through and affects the aromatic quality of the leaves. The feet of mint have a life expectancy of around three years. Beyond that, their flavor is less and it is therefore advisable to renew them.

Uses of Mint

Medicinal plant, mint has digestive properties and would improve muscle tone. Aromatic plant, it is used to accompany culinary preparations, in particular Mediterranean dishes such as tabbouleh. It is also used to flavor all kinds of ice creams, sorbets, syrups, candies, chewing gum, toothpaste, cocktails, and of course the famous tea with mint.

Mint Recipes

To prepare a good tea with mint, pour the boiling water into the teapot over the green tea, then discard the water. After cleaning the tea and removing the bitterness, pour the water back on. Then add the mint and immediately immerse it in water to avoid burning it. The sugars are added (30 sugars for 5 glasses). We then proceed to the ceremonial to mix the tea. It is poured into a glass and poured back into the teapot and so on until the sugar is well dissolved and distributed. Finally, pour the tea high to froth the liquid and drink it very hot. Find the mint plants in the shop!