Characteristics of the eyelet

The true carnation is a flower which belongs to the genus dianthus, which belongs to the family of the caryophyllaceae. There are hundreds of different varieties, the best known of which are common carnation, the poet's carnation or the sweet carnation. The majority of carnations are native to Europe but some varieties also come from Asia and North America. Carnations grow very easily in a fairly temperate and mild climate. This flower whose height is generally between 20 and 80 cm depending on the variety offers a large panel of colors. They can be found in shades of pink, white, purple or red.

Plantation of carnations

Carnations are usually planted in spring or fall in ordinary but well-drained soil. They can be integrated into beds or flower beds, or be placed in pots or in a planter. Carnations are flowers that really appreciate the sun.

Flowering carnations

Flowering takes place from June and continues until the arrival of the first frosts.

Caring for carnations

It is important to remove the wilted flowers as they appear. Once the flowering period is over, the flowers must be cut down to prepare for the next season. Find the seeds of carnations and perfumed carnations from the shop of!