Chilli pepper

Chilli pepper

Chili is a plant of the genus capsicum, belonging to the nightshade family. Native to Central and South America, it consists of five species: Capsicum Annuum, Capsicum Baccatum, Capsicum Chinense, Capsicum Frutescens and Capsicum Pubescens. Each of these varieties is divided into several species classified according to their color, shape and above all their content of capsaicin, the chemical compound from which the pepper derives its strength.

Chilli characteristics

Generally long and fine in appearance, the chili has a size that can vary depending on the species, for colors ranging from red to green, including orange and yellow. The pepper can be a decorative pepper plant (inedible pepper plant), or culinary (yellow chili plant, Espelette pepper).

Chilli plantation

With regard to the cultivation of chilli, sowing should be undertaken in the spring in an environment where the ambient temperature does not exceed 26 ° C. This temperature must remain constant throughout the germination cycle which can last between ten and twenty days.

Maintenance of the chilli plant

Be careful not to omit the weeds and irrigate the plants regularly to avoid decomposition of the roots. If you try to keep the plant in winter as a perennial, a temperature between 13 and 16 ° C is essential.

Chili harvest

When harvesting, which can be done in the fall, you can pick up the chilli pepper with a piece of peduncle to help preserve it. After that, all you have to do is take advantage of the amazing taste properties of chili peppers to give any type of dish character.

Enemies of chili

Chili can be attacked by green aphids. We recognize their presence when the foliage of the plant deforms and becomes sticky. Small white flies and mites are also found on the pepper from time to time.

Uses of chilli on our plates

Pepper, a variety of pepper that is grown in the same way, is prepared like a vegetable. Like chilli, it is much sweeter. Hot and hot peppers are eaten raw or cooked, usually as a condiment like paprika, Espelette pepper or harissa.

Virtues of chilli

Thanks to capsaicin, responsible for the sensation of heat provided by the pepper, the plant has antioxidant benefits. Capsaicin also increases the feeling of satiety. Ideal for those who monitor their weight. Find the chilli seeds in the shop!