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Deutzia size

When it reaches adulthood, the deutzia is about one meter tall.

Deutzia plantation

It is possible to sow deutzia seeds in the fall, under a frame. But this method requires a lot of patience and care. The easiest way is to get a youngster deutzia tree at a nursery and plant it in your garden in the spring. The deutzia adapts to all types of soil, it even supports calcareous soils. Ideally, choose a location in full sun or partial shade and give it a soil rich in humus.

Deutzia diseases

Deutzia is a very easy-to-grow plant, particularly because of its surprising resistance to diseases and pests. He has no enemies in particular. If you see a colony of aphids settling on your shrub, do not worry, it will support them very well, no need to treat.

Watering deutzia

In winter, there is no need to water your deutzia, on the contrary, an excess of water could cause the roots to rot. On the other hand, when summer returns, regular watering will allow it maximum flowering and constantly renewed. It is also advisable to water regularly in the months following planting in the open ground because your shrub is tired and its root system not yet sufficiently developed to withstand drought. To limit watering you can mulch the shrub at its base.

Maintenance of the deutzia

The deutzia does not require special care and it will do very well if you never take care of it, it is a friend of the lazy gardener! But if you want the flowers of the deutzia to be more beautiful and more numerous, it is advisable to prune it immediately after the end of flowering, at the beginning of autumn. Be careful not to cut it too short if you do not want to slow its growth.

Special features of deutzia

The cultivation of deutzia is accessible to the beginner because it is an undemanding plant which will give you each summer a superb flowering with beautiful blue and purplish colors.