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How to plant and cultivate fargesia bamboo?

How to plant and cultivate fargesia bamboo?

Characteristics of fargesia bamboo

  • Type: ornamental plant
  • Height: 2 to 5 m
  • Flower colors: green, yellow
  • Desired exposure: shaded, semi-shaded
  • Type of soil: humus, rich in humus
  • Foliage: persistent
  • Interview: easy to maintain
  • sanitizer: no
  • diseases: snails and slugs

Origins and peculiarities of fargesia bamboo

Attached to the Poaceae family, the fargesia bamboo (Sinarundinaria Murielae, also known as bamboo umbrella) is a monocotyledonous plant originating in China which owes its name to its weeping habit.

Visually, fargesia bamboo is not one of the largest species that exists, and never exceeds 5 meters at maturity. Its stems grow tightly, and the color of its long leaves varies depending on the species. The flowers of the bamboo umbrella are yellow or green, but their flowering is very random, and can take several decades!
It is a plant with non-tracing ornamental foliage: its stems therefore do not develop underground invasively and invasively. This feature is the biggest advantage of fargesia bamboo, and makes it an ideal plant for hedges or windbreaks on a terrace or in a garden (even if it also looks great in isolated planting).

Plantation of fargesia bamboo

The plant appreciates humic, cool and not very calcareous soils and semi-shaded places. It can be grown both in containers and in the ground. It can be planted throughout the year provided it does not freeze. Cold regions will choose spring or early fall for planting. To limit maintenance, it is possible to arrange a mulch. Mulching will then have two functions: to keep the soil cool and to reduce weed growth.

For planting:

  • The height of the hole should be around 60 cm.
  • The spacing to form a decorative hedge will be 80 cm.
  • If the decorative shrub is insulated, the bamboo should be spaced 2 m apart.

Reproduction of fargesia bamboo

It is possible to multiply the bamboo umbrella using the method of dividing rhizomes or canes, or sowing seeds. Sowing is a practice used by professionals. The division takes place in the spring period.

Pruning of bamboo fargesia

This leafy shrub does not require significant pruning. Once a year, the gardeners carry out a simple cleaning by:

  • Eliminating old stubble.
  • Removing the dried canes.
  • Cutting slightly to give a beautiful shape to the bamboo umbrella.

Caring for fargesia bamboo

Bamboo in pots requires more maintenance than planted in a garden, with a regular supply of water during hot periods and repotting twice a year (in April and September).

Bamboo fargesia diseases and pests

The fargesia bamboo is a solid rustic plant, which resists the great cold, and which does not fear any disease in particular.
The only enemies of fargesia bamboo are pests like:

  • Aphids and red spiders, which will not resist spraying a mixture of black soap, lime, methylated spirits, cooking salt and water on the plant. Otherwise, you can eradicate aphids in a 100% ecological way with ladybugs!
  • Slugs and snails, which beer-based traps can eliminate quite easily. Otherwise, the eggshell barriers are just as effective.
  • Mealybugs, which are more difficult to hunt. If the invasion is massive, the infected branches must be eliminated.
  • Field mice, which attack the root of bamboo fargesia, which can lead to plant death. The most effective solution to protect yourself from this is to protect the root with a wire mesh.