Mistakes to Avoid in the Dining Room

Mistakes to Avoid in the Dining Room

If the living room had dethroned the dining room in the hearts of the French, the latter is now making a comeback to offer moments of conviviality around the table. The dining room then echoes family values ​​and almost becomes the heart of the house. Its decoration is therefore of capital importance whether it is a separate room or a space open to the living room.

Do not create two different spaces for a certain unit

For the decoration of the dining room, you will be able to choose to integrate it or not in the living room. All your decoration will depend on this choice. First scenario, if you want the living room and the dining room to form a coherent whole, it is advisable to paint the two pieces of the same color. So you will not break the volumes and create a certain unity.

Do not mix the pieces to give an identity

Second scenario, you may want to clearly distinguish the space of the dining room and the living room. To do this, you will then choose to create two separate universes, making sure to coordinate the two colors. You can for example choose a brighter color for the dining room, a room where you are more active than in the living room.

Don't forget the heart of the dining room

If there is one thing that we tend to overlook in the dining room, it is the importance of the dining table. However, it is around this piece of furniture that the whole room will be articulated. Also, choose your table according to your lifestyle. We will bet on a large table for large families and an extendable table for small spaces. It is up to you to decide if you prefer a round, square or rectangular table.

Do not neglect the storage

Contrary to what one might think, the dining room is also a storage room. Indeed, you will be able to have buffets and dressers that will store table linen but also all the dishes. This kind of furniture, very decorative, will also allow you to give a decorative style to your dining room.

Do not forget to give a style to this piece

As you style your living room or kitchen, know that the dining room also needs a guideline. To decorate it, the easiest way is to use the same style as your living room to create harmony. Contemporary, design, countryside, the dining room complies with all your desires.