Choose your bulbs according to the rooms

Choose your bulbs according to the rooms

Having the right light in the right room contributes to having a pleasant atmosphere in the house. Conversely, a poor light choice can make a room unpleasant: too dark to read, too bright to watch TV ... A short guide to making the right choice.

The right light bulbs for the kitchen

Choose high CRI (color rendering index) bulbs. For general lighting, opt for 11 W compact fluorescent lamps or 15 W strips to illuminate the worktop. Unless you prefer, for the worktop, strips or Leds spots of 3 W.

The right bulbs for the living room

Place 11 W compact fluorescent bulbs here and there in the room. For the reading corner, prefer a 15 W bulb, which will bring you more comfort. You can use LEDs in addition to compact fluorescent lamps, by choosing low power models. They will soften the mood.

The right bulbs for the office

Compact fluorescents: For general lighting, an 11 W bulb in warm white color will do the trick, but add a 15 W lamp or a 5 W LED for the workspace.

The right light bulbs for the bathroom

Choose compact fluorescent bulbs from 11 to 20 W in cool white color, with a good CRI for more comfort when washing and also for makeup.

The right bulbs in the room

An 11 W compact fluorescent bulb is generally sufficient for general lighting. And add 15 W lamps for the reading corners. Unless you prefer LEDs: choose 4 W bulbs for bedside lamps and a few 2 W lamps here and there to get a cozy atmosphere, conducive to rest. For a child's bedroom, preferably install 11 W compact fluorescent lamps in warm white color.

The right bulbs in circulation spaces

In corridors and stairs, narrow and long spaces, it is better to opt for several light sources rather than just one placed in the middle. If you choose 11 W compact fluorescent lamps, make sure they are suitable for repeated lighting. Better yet, choose 6W LEDs.