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Mistakes to Avoid in the Dressing Room

Mistakes to Avoid in the Dressing Room

Don't think you need a dedicated room to create a dressing room

If, of course, a room dedicated to the dressing room is the ideal solution, you can also opt for a dressing area in your bedroom. Indeed, if your room has a nice size, you can devote a corner of the room to clothes. You will find many solutions for storage: large capacity cabinets, modular storage systems ... The idea is that all of your clothes are in one place!

The dressing room is not just for girls!

If you are a couple, the girls should realize that the dressing room is not only reserved for shopaholics. Indeed, it is a practical and optimized space that will allow you to store the couple's clothes but also to preserve them. Thus, men often need the dressing just as much so as not to offend their costumes. Then plan a dressing room large enough to accommodate your clothes and those of your spouse. Do not hesitate to offer a space to everyone within the dressing room.

Don't settle for just one type of storage

The principle of a dressing room is to have several types of storage to match the various garments. So, when you create your wardrobe, bet on the multitude of storage spaces. You will need for example a space for the wardrobe, shelves for T-shirts, drawers for lingerie but also practical accessories for shoes for example or ties.

A dressing room is not necessarily open

Know that you don't have to opt for an open dressing room that lets you see your clothes. There are many solutions that will allow you to close the dressing room. Also you can choose doors, curtains or Japanese panels so that your clothes disappear from the room.

Don't think that a dressing room works miracles!

If you are not tidy, a dressing room will bring you all the space for storage but you will still have to put your own. Storage and organization are essential! You will think, for example, of storing the clothes you use the least in height or on the contrary at the bottom of the dressing room. Compare them development price of your dressing room: Wardrobe, shelf, rack, storage box.