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The mistakes to avoid when you want to knock down a partition

The mistakes to avoid when you want to knock down a partition

To save space or redistribute the pieces it is often necessary to knock down a partition. An operation which is not without risk and which requires some advice to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Check the nature of the partition to knock down

The major and most damaging mistake would be to knock down a load-bearing wall. So before embarking on any demolition, check the nature of your partition. Difficult with the naked eye to distinguish a load-bearing wall from another. Even if it is thicker, because most often in concrete, there is no rule. In the case of a house, use the construction plan to determine what type of wall it is. If you are the owner of an apartment, get closer to the condominium, which can also provide you with these documents. If you cannot get these parts and you have a doubt about the nature of the wall, abstain and ask the advice of an architect or that of a building professional.

Search your partition

Make sure that no electrical cables or pipes pass through your partition. Otherwise, you will have to plan their movement as they are slaughtered, taking care not to damage them. Call a professional if you have never undertaken such work.

Prepare your site

Knocking down a partition generates a lot of dust and can cause damage to your floors. Cover your furniture and protect your surfaces with old sheets or blankets to cushion the fall of the blocks.

Support your ceiling

Once the nature of the wall to be knocked down has been identified, stay struts from floor to ceiling in order to support it when the wall is knocked down. This will avoid any risk of sagging.

Work with suitable tools

Equip yourself with goggles, masks, gloves to protect yourself from splashes and dust. Use tools depending on the nature of your partition. For a Placoplâtre® surface, a mass will suffice, for brick or even concrete walls, the use of a disc chainsaw will be necessary. Tools to handle with care!