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Copper in my house

Copper in my house

Even for materials that are invisible on a daily basis (pipes, heating installations, roofing, etc.), it is important to choose the right materials. Thanks to its natural qualities, copper is a material of choice for many applications.

Copper in the home: a national information campaign

The comfort, health security and longevity of the house depend on the choice of building materials and equipment. Water quality is closely linked to the distribution network. Insulation materials and paint have an obvious impact on indoor air quality. The comfort and energy performance of a home cannot be dissociated from the heating installation chosen. In order to make individuals aware of the importance of choosing the right material for pipes and to inform them of the advantages of copper, the European Copper Institute is conducting an information campaign: "My house deserves copper".

Copper for pipes and heating

For pipes and heating, copper is the number 1 material in Europe and it has been used since the 1930s. Its lifespan is equivalent to that of the building. Copper, in fact, holds up very well over time, and limits the phenomena of scaling and corrosion. In addition to this longevity, copper preserves the quality of the water thanks to its antibacterial properties and its total impermeability to pollutants and external contaminants. In addition, its thermal conductivity (the best of all common materials) makes it possible to optimize water heating systems. For example, copper improves the performance of a low temperature heating floor. It does not require any particular maintenance operation: no regular rinsing, corrosion inhibitor, oxygen barrier or water treatment.

Copper for the facade, roof or gutters

Copper is a serious alternative to traditional materials for roofing, facades and gutters, as long as an individual is looking for quality and originality. This noble and living material ages over time and integrates well into the environment. It offers different possibilities of color, appearance and shaping, in front of a material prized by architects. In addition to its style, its longevity is a key asset for the envelope of the house and the life of a roof or facade. Indeed, it is counted in centuries, without any maintenance, painting or varnish to redo.

Copper allies in a sustainable home

The wooden frame: a copper facade is most of the time implemented with a wooden frame, often preferred material of sustainable construction. Natural insulation: cladding or copper roofing must be accompanied by high-performance insulation that respects the quality of the indoor air. Thermal solar panels: they cover up to 70% of the hot water needs of the house and operate through a network of copper tubes.

Copper: an indication for choosing

Copper pipes have an Environmental & Health Declaration Sheet (FDE & S) that can be consulted on the INIES reference base. One of the objectives of the Grenelle Environment Forum, these veritable "passports" make it possible to draw up an environmental and health report on the house.

Is copper expensive?

If the price of the raw material can sometimes vary significantly, the impact on the cost of the finished installation is minimal. On the one hand, manufacturers endeavor to limit as much as possible the impact of price variations on the price of products. On the other hand copper makes it possible to reduce the exposure time and to optimize the key item on the final invoice: labor. Finally, copper is reliable and durable without maintenance and allows significant maintenance savings. To know more :