3 staging for Christmas balls in the living room

3 staging for Christmas balls in the living room

Until 12 midnight on December 31, 2011, we let the Christmas balls invade the living room, but not only on the tree! Because the mood is festive, we allow ourselves all the possibilities of staging ... Here are 3 ideas to remember.

Hanging from the ceiling

Fancy an original and poetic end-of-year decoration? Consider hanging Christmas balls on the ceiling! With scotch tape, transparent threads and a stepladder, we indulge in a small DIY session to create an ephemeral sky above the coffee table during the holidays. The right idea? Hang them at different heights to create a mismatched effect and favor bright colors to reflect the bright flashes in the room. Something to make the eyes of the guests shine!

In decorative containers

In order to accentuate the chic and precious mood as the holidays approach, nothing like having Christmas balls in servers, decorative salad bowls and transparent vases! We thus emphasize these accessories generally attributed to the tree, in a more graceful and sophisticated way. The trick? Favor very precious models, decorated with sequins or pearls…

Loose jetties on the ground

What if we had a collection of loose Christmas balls in a corner of the living room, like rose petals? It's simple and economical! What's needed ? Vary the size of the balls to create a graphic effect and preferably place them on a carpet so that they do not move!